Tailor-made Software

Looking for an experienced team of programmers for your project? Need IT advice? Our staff is a group of experienced and ambitious people who are constantly developing without resting on their laurels.

What We Do?

  • Back-End

    • Creation of applications - available 24/7 from any place on Earth via a web browser
    • Hosting on premise using cloud solutions (Microsoft Azure)
    • Communication with external systems (EDI, WSDL, services, API, XML)
  • E-commerce

    • Solutions necessary to conduct Internet sales - full integration with payment systems (e.g. Polish transfers24 and foreign ones - sofort, PayPal, PayU, including own solutions)
    • Integration with social media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and auction portals (Allegro, Ebay)
  • What else do we

    • Comprehensive technical assistance, consulting services and advice.
    • Functionalities tailored to individual needs - e-mail notifications, text messages, process automation, authorization management, generating reports, PDF files, hierarchical structure, documentations, orders, invoices, stock levels, dashboards, surveys

What kind of business


CRM System

Relationship Management


CMS System

Content management system


ERP System

Systems integrating departments and functions in the company


B2B System

Solutions addressed to business customers


B2C System

A solution addressed to individual customers

The technologies in which we operate:

.NET 4.7

.NET 4.7

C# 7.0

C# 7.0







jQuery 3.0

jQuery 3.0

Bootstrap 4.0.0


Entity 6

Entity Framework 6



MS SQL Server 14

Server 14

Windows Serwer 16

Serwer 16

.Net Core 2.0

.Net Core



Selected projects

Online Store

.NET Framework 4.7, C#7, EntityFramework 6 Code First, Log4net, Glimpse, Google API, Microsoft API, Autofac, MVC 5.2.3, WCF, Crystal Reports, jQuery 3.3.1, jQuery UI 1.12.1, jTable 2.4, Rotativa, LinqToExcel

When creating the online store, we focused not only on its visual attractiveness - extensive and attractive with the creation of individual categories of websites and products, but also on its functionality - intuitive navigation, clear structure, search engine efficiency and simplicity in the construction of the shopping process.


.NET Framework 4.7, C#7, EntityFramework 6 Code First, Log4net, Glimpse, Google API, Microsoft API, Autofac, MVC 5.2.3, WCF, Crystal Reports, jQuery 3.3.1, jQuery UI 1.12.1, jTable 2.4, Rotativa, LinqToExcel

In addition, in order to professionally manage the content and functionalities related to the online store, we have created a CSP system, which enabled the introduction of any changes and modifications that can be introduced by each employee on an ongoing basis.

Information portal

RestSharp, ASP.NET Core 2, Razor Pages, BuildBundlerMinifier, Google API, Entity Framework Core 2.1, OWIN, TopShelf 4

The CentrumXP portal was created with technology enthusiasts and their comfort in mind. The aim of the project was to create a platform that would be above all transparent and user-friendly for users who follow the news from the Microsoft world on an ongoing basis. Intuitive and modern design of the platform allowed not only for logical systematization and grouping of various types of information, but also for easier access to them and a more attractive appearance.

Training platform

MVC, Entity Framework 6 Database First, .NET Framework 4.5.1, MVC 5.2.3, Facebook SDK, Web API, PAYPAL SDK

Onex Store Academy has been designed to share knowledge about Microsoft products. The main goal of the project was to create a place where, despite a large amount of training, mobility will be extremely simple and intuitive. The platform was constructed in such a way that each user could easily find exactly the subject of training that interests him. Thanks to automatic saving of the current work progress, by completing subsequent stages the user goes through the course step by step, up to obtaining a certificate, which can be generated independently in PDF format. Additionally, the user is informed about all the actions he performs by means of automatic e-mails.

Training platform

MVC 5.2.3, Entity Framework 6 Code First. Nlog, OWIN

The Lite platform is a personalized distribution platform with online training created specifically for business partners who want to resell courses under their own brand name. The platform has been designed in such a way as to make it possible to adjust its appearance to the visual identification of each company. Thanks to intuitive building, granting rights to new entities is extremely easy - it takes place automatically and can be carried out by any person only on the basis of filling in a simple form. The functionality of the platform is based primarily on intuitive navigation allowing for its seamless operation - passing individual stages of online training step by step.


Elmah, EF 6, Glimpse, jQuery, MVC 5, Quartz

The main goal of the Q&A project was to create a platform with a forum function, which would become a friendly place for the community interested in Microsoft technology. Despite the complexity of the individual elements, the platform has been constructed with the use of extremely clear and intuitive navigation to make it as easy as possible for potential users to navigate. Additional functionalities such as gameplay have introduced an element to the project that engages and constantly activates the Q&A community.

CRM System

Bootstrap 4, MVC 5.2.4, Entity Framework 6 Code First, jQuery Validation 1.17, Quartz 2.5

The ERP system was developed in response to the need to systematize all the information available to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The main purpose of implementing the solution was to create an appropriate environment for the organization of content and files related to information about employees, individual entities cooperating with the agency and the projects it carries out. The system has been equipped with many useful, personalized and easy to use functions, such as the ability to add information on subsequent investor reports or the creation and dispatch of questionnaires after the end of the project, which enable verification of the course of cooperation.

Landing page


Subpage NowoczesnyOffice.CentrumXP.pl was created as a form of online advertising, which can be compared to an almost cost-free employee, acquiring customers 24/7. The main purpose of the subpage was to guide the user through a visually attractive and uncomplicated template containing important commercial information. Designing with transparency, legibility and simple navigation in mind has made it possible to create an eye-catching, simple website.

Landing page

MVC 5.2.3

Rodo.CentrumXP.pl subpage was created as a form of online advertising, which can be compared to an employee without expenses, gaining customers 24/7. Thanks to the use of simple structure and chronological layout, and intuitive navigation, the website guides the user in a friendly way on subsequent issues concerning the subject of GDPR and solutions dedicated to it.

How does cooperation with us look like?


Identification of Needs

At this stage, we determine what you need - regardless of whether it is a service or an application, we offer you an optimal solution tailored to your needs. In addition, we will initially assess the most important aspects of the project, i.e. its duration and the costs of its implementation.


The Action Plan

Once you have decided to cooperate with us, we will precisely define every functionality that your service should have. Then we will prepare a detailed action plan: the work schedule, documentation, we will define the costs and the time of project execution.


To Work!

Once we know your needs in detail and you know what you expect from us, we will get down to work. We use many programming methodologies. We will choose the one that best suits you. We can prepare your solution from beginning to end - in one go or in stages - during which you will be able to introduce changes or specify the functionality.


Sustained Cooperation

In addition to the fact that we provide you with a ready-made service, we can also offer you its technical support throughout the entire period of the user's life. Nothing is perfect and Rome was not built right away. We know from experience that a good application is one that is constantly developing. We will be happy to help you with this development.

Why is it worth trusting us?



We have been operating in the industry for 15 years. We have many projects in our portfolio, but we are constantly looking for new challenges.


We know the industry very well, that is why we focus on continuous development and implementation of innovative technologies in order to create only the highest quality software.


We work for the success of our customers, which is why we put emphasis on cooperation, good communication and conscientious and timely performance of our duties.


Our goal is to create projects that are functional and user-friendly.

Individual Approach

We believe that the best projects are created thanks to individual approach to our clients and solving problems resulting from each company's specific activity.


Our work is also our passion. Each project is for us a challenge and a motivation to create unique solutions

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