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Take care of the data security with your business and enhance your business opportunities.

Businesses like yours increasingly often rely on modern mobile and cloud solutions. They allow easy management of identity and access while allowing comprehensive security for all the data prepared and transferred. Threats and risks vary all the time, and therefore it is worthwhile providing a comprehensive protection of the employees, devices, facilities, applications and data by relying on state-of-the-art, intelligent security innovations.

What solutions do we propose?

device management

Available Solution

Comprehensive tool set allowing freedom of work and providing a feeling of security.

Enterprise Mobility Security

Identity management

Enterprise Mobility Suite is a tool allowing you to manage many accounts, applications and devices using just a single login and password which users of multiple devices and applications find as a facility. Thanks to the Enterprise Mobility Security you will experience an increased productivity and reduction of the costs of technical assistance owing to a self-service capacity and not having to log multiple times into multiple applications. A single user has a single account and a single password. Furthermore, you can manage many applications from any device thanks to the mobile devices and mobile applications management systems. Thanks to the information protection system you can securely store and control the business and corporate data even if you share them internally or externally.
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What business problems the Enterprise Mobility + Security helps to solve?
  • • Secure e-mail and data in the Office 365 while working on a mobile device
  • • Delivery of “safe” corporate phones to employees
  • • Managing mobile applications used by employees
  • • Controlling access to confidential business data on private employees’ devices
  • • Ensuring compliance of devices and applications with the security requirements
  • • Tracking down documents – inspection and monitoring of protected files
  • • Reducing costs of technical assistance and the workload of the IT team
  • • Reduzierung der Kosten für den technischen Support und Entlastung der IT-Abteilung
  • • Virtualising the desktop anytime anywhere
  • • A single console for the management of different platforms in different systems

Microsoft Intune

Mobile device management

The Microsoft Intune guarantees your company a fully secure mobile work. The cloud-based Intune is a mobility management tool for business service that facilitates employees to maintain high performance rate while concurrently protecting the business and corporate data. With Microsoft Intune you can define mobile device management strategy customized to your industry needs. Introduction of flexible methods of control of the mobile devices and applications allows your employees to independently use selected devices and applications while concurrently maintaining the protection of the business and corporate data.
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Azure Information Protection

Information management

Azure Information Protection will provide you with a better protection of even the most confidential information always and anywhere. The Azure Information Protection is a cloud-based solution that allows classifying and protecting documents and e-mail messages using labels. Thanks to AIP you can control and protect messages, documents and confidential data that are shared outside your business. Extended data protection within the service operates all the time regardless of where the data are stored or to whom have been made available. Consequently, you may safely share the data with your peers and customers and define access and use authorisations.
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You don’t know which solution is the best for you?

Our specialists will advise you and prepare a dedicated offer for your business.

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Modern solutions that you can trust

  • Protect your business from the very beginning

    Protect your organisation right from the start thanks to a secure single logging in, multi-component authentication and risk-based contingent access.
  • Secure all data anywhere

    Make available a safe file sharing internally and externally that allows classifying and designating files upon their creation, tracking protecting them at any location.
  • Manage the joint identity

    Make available one joint identity allowing access to thousands of applications and authorisation-based identity management and identity protection.
  • Detect attacks and react

    Detect advanced persistent threats by taking advantage of the behavioural analysis with a view to detecting suspected behaviours of users or structures, locally or in the cloud.
  • Analyse threats

    Draw on the vast data resources made available by Microsoft regarding analysis of threat and security research with a view to detecting anomalies and eliminating threats promptly.
  • Work safely on mobile devices

    thanks to unique management possibilities yielded by the mobile applications dedicated for the Microsoft Office package, prevent loss of data from devices using the iOS and Android systems.


This is how we will take care of the security of your business and corporate data ?



As a good start, we will carry out a thorough audit of the security of the working environment of your business. We will analyse your needs and ask about the greatest problems that your business cannot copy with.


Customised Offer

We will prepare a customised offer including the best proposed solutions and tools ensuring the highest security of your business and corporate data.



As the next step, we will deploy and respectively configure the approved solutions. Our flagship products guaranteeing data security include: Enterprise Mobility Security, Microsoft Intune and Azure Information Protection.


Technical support

You don’t need to fear technical problems – once the configuration is completed and you may have any questions or doubts you are more than welcome to contact us. We guarantee that the deployed solutions are fully dependable.

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