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Cloud Backup is a sensitive data insurance that guarantees minimizing the risk associated with their loss. High SLA parameters and the ability to select several types of storages (depending on the required application), allow for secure storage of data in the cloud and efficient access to files. Our specialists will help you to configure and manage the Backup service and answer technical questions related to the migration of your data to the cloud.

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Be sure that whatever the circumstances, your files will be available to you anytime, anywhere. Bet on Backup - a simple and reliable backup service in the cloud that will ensure the security of your data.

Files Backup 10GB Files Backup 50GB Files Backup 500GB
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Files Backup 10GB Files Backup 50GB Files Backup 500GB
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Why is it worth it?

Cloud creation and restoration service is an extremely secure and reliable solution based on the world-class infrastructure of Microsoft.

  • Guaranteed savings

    The fee is charged for the actual amount of data secured in the cloud. After the first transfer, only incremental changes are sent to the cloud.
  • Reliable safety

    Both data sent to the cloud and data already stored in it are encrypted, and access to them is configured individually depending on the needs and preferences of the user.
  • Seamless scalability

    For the user's needs, it is possible to configure the Backup service - from just a few gigabytes of data to the equivalent of a disk array with a capacity of several petabytes.
  • High versatility

    An extensive selection of storage types guarantees the possibility of using the service in many scenarios. Blog Storage is a storage of objects without a structure, while File Storage is a file storage.
  • Full availability

    Depending on the option chosen, the data can be replicated many times, even between different Microsoft data centers located in different locations.
  • Technical support

    By purchasing the Backup service in our store you receive the support of our engineers who will help you configure the service and will be happy to advise you on the migration of your company to the cloud.
Who needs Cloud Backup?

The offer is addressed to small, medium and large enterprises that are looking for the perfect solution to effectively protect sensitive data. Cloud is an alternative to classic backup because it is more secure, more efficient and flexible. As a result, we gain a reduction in costs and reduce the potential risks associated with data loss. Storage of data in the Microsoft Azure cloud provides the highest level of service, as evidenced by more than 50 certificates related to the security and processing of personal data. The offer is addressed both to companies and institutions already using the Azure platform, as well as to clients who expect technical support in the field of data migration to the cloud.

Why protect the data ?
Nowadays, we can not imagine life without a computer or a mobile phone. Unfortunately, despite this, we often do not realize how much of the personal and professional information we store in electronic devices. It is worth remembering that every equipment we use on a daily basis has its expiration date, and various types of failures usually appear in the least expected moment.Data security ensures that regardless of hardware failures, viruses, human errors, natural disasters, such as fire or more and more common cyber attacks, all our documents are protected.
Why Microsoft services ?

The larger the provider, the more you can protect your data. Microsoft as a leading leader among companies in the information technology industry has almost unlimited conditions in the protection of its own data centers and server rooms. The company perfectly protects all stored data against all threats coming from cyberspace.

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