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Modern accounting with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Accounting is an innovative and safe solution. The cloud retains data copies, and digital documentation is more durable than hard copies. We created and optimized a comprehensive working infrastructure for the accountancy, while concurrently ensuring the best protection of the business data against failure of the physical equipment. If you choose the Azure cloud accounting, your business data will be collected in a modern and certified data centre that meets the top security standards.

Comprehensive service for the accountancy

If you take advantage of the offer of the Onex Group you will obtain a number of solutions supporting the daily work

Virtual Azure machines

They allow you the maximum working capacity without purchasing and maintaining additional physical equipment. Virtual machines may be secured through the Azure Security Centre.

Back up copy

Backup in cloud provides security to sensitive data and guarantees minimisation of the data loss risk. High SLA parameters and an option of selecting among a few types of storage allow safe data keeping.

Accounting software

We provide software for accountancy that is adapted to the business needs and business scope of activity, for the accounting offices and medium and small companies of all sectors. Comarch ERP Optima is one of the virtual hardware key based on the Microsoft servers.

Additional security

Implementation of ACL and VPN allows limitation of access to the virtual environment against unauthorised persons. The connections adopted are secure and are based on such protocols as IPsec or IKE.

We also chose Azure

We always start changes from ourselves. As the Onex Group we have migrated our data to the cloud and implemented modern accounting based on the Microsoft technology.

The services of the Azure family allowed us to create an innovative an safe work environment which has replaced the traditional accountancy dedicated tools. In our view, the greatest benefit of deployment of the Azure solutions is the secure keeping of all the business and corporate data along without need to bear the costs of purchase of additional equipment. Importantly, our deployment of the cloud services meets all the GDPR requirements which came into force as of 25 May 2018. Thanks to deploying the Azure-based Backup service we don’t need to worry that we might lose data, run short of memory space or that a server failure might occur. We are comprehensively protected and always ready to adapt to a new legal situation or market requirements.

More details

Why it is worth choosing Azure ?

Microsoft e ensures a nearly 100% accessibility to Azure, which guarantees dependability and assurance that the business data are at a secure place.

  • Flexibility

    The Azure platform allows introducing changes and adapting both the virtual server room and its security to our needs on a current basis. Your solution may be changed from month to month and re-adapted when your business develops.
  • Cost-effectiveness

    Thanks to Azure you don’t have to bear a single huge cost of purchase of a physical server room. Azure allows the maximum efficiency along with reduction of costs because you pay only for the actual use which is settled on the minute-by-minute basis.
  • Compliance with GDPR

    Azure guarantees compliance with GDPR. Microsoft has designed Azure so that it comprises industry-leading security measures and privacy policy with a view to securing cloud-stored data in compliance with the GDPR.
  • Safety

    Azure is distinguished by over 50 certificates related to security and personal data storage. The Azure platform complies with many international and industry standards, including in particular: ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2.

Save with Microsoft Azure

Building and maintaining a server room means huge costs for a small business.

The Azure charging scheme ensures flexibility so that you are not required to invest into your own server room. A business that transfers their IT resources into a cloud will not wait long to see the tangible economic benefits. The initial costs will pay back very fast contrary to the traditional model whereby you have to wait much longer to see return on the investment. You must remember that the maintaining of a classic server room also entails the costs software updates, hardware maintenance and of adaptation of the hardware to the technical requirements. Furthermore, in pace with increased use of IT resources, you don’t need to invest into subsequent own infrastructural and software resources.

Traditional server Azure cloud
Initial costs
Software £748,00
Windows Server licenses
licenses CALs
£ 0
Server £1 170.00
Equipment and it’s configuration
£ 0
Total £1 908,50 £0
Yearly maintenance cost
Backup £44,50 £107,00
Cost of maintenance £1 5444,50
Power, administrative support, equipment service
Total £1 588,00 £450,00

Thanks to Azure you can save even more than £3 000 in the first year of use!

What does cooperation with us look like?


Recognizing needs

First we explore the customer’s needs. We identify the requirements and expectations regarding deployment of the offer and adaptation of its scope.


Dedicated plan

On the basis of individual needs of the customer we prepare plans for data migration to cloud and deployment of new solutions.


Implementation and support

In line with performance of subsequent steps of deployment of Azure within a business, we provide assistance and full technical support as long as up to 24 months after the transaction.


Provision of infrastructure

We provide the customer with a complete, ready to use and configured accounting infrastructure meeting the industry-specific needs.

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