The Azure platform -
a cloud solution you can trust

Azure is a multifunctional cloud platform that allows the implementation and selection of various services depending on the company's needs. It allows not only for the introduction of many helpful solutions and tools for work, but above all does not require the purchase of additional infrastructure. It also gives the possibility to integrate the current server infrastructure with the cloud environment - which significantly improves work efficiency.

Secure your data - go Azure

Microsoft provides almost 100% access to the Azure system, which guarantees reliability and confidence that the company's data is in a safe and secure place.

  • Flexibility

    A huge selection of many ready and available solutions
  • Frugality

    Payment for the service only for actual usage
  • Efficiency

    No need for additional infrastructure
  • Scalability

    Dynamic scalability that allows for the optimization of the database
  • Security

    Advanced protection from threats results from cloud overload

What can you do while using the Azure platform?

Services from the Azure family are fully flexible solutions - tailored to the individual needs of the client's infrastructure. Service fees result only from the real use of those service and this prevents unnecessary costs. A properly configured Microsoft Azure service allows us to account for the real cost of usage, down to every minute of use.

  • Creating, testing
    and running applications

    Microsoft Azure allows for instant creation and testing of applications and running them in the local infrastructure or in the cloud. The implementation of the application does not require appropriate hardware. Every tool needed is provided by Microsoft Azure. We create applications in standard languages such as PowerShell or Visual Studio. Then we can transfer them between Azure and the local environment or an environment hosted by another company.
  • Increasing the scope of

    Microsoft's global data centers increase the reach and availability of shared content. Marketing and multimedia materials as well as fast data transfer will be available to all customers around the world. Microsoft Azure provides access on a more global scale without incurring excessive costs, allowing for greater reachability on the worldwide web.
  • Creating backup copies
    and data recovery

    Azure Site Recovery facilitates data recovery by automating the replication of virtual machines between local servers and the cloud. This allows for easy configuration, remote monitoring of the health of the service and quick recovery of data in the event of a failure or a problem. Azure Backup is completely integrated with Windows Server Backup and System Center Data Protection Manager, which greatly facilitates creation of backups in the external environment.
  • Accessibility
    of built-in tools

    Azure allows you to easily and quickly create virtual machines and applications without having to spend a lot of time and money. In addition, the system provides built-in tools for data analysis and advanced access control management. Built-in solutions and Microsoft Azure tools guarantee much simpler and cheaper implementation than one done in the local infrastructure.
  • Extension of the company
    data center

    Microsoft Azure can be easily used as an extension to an existing corporate data center. Azure allows for the creation of virtual private network and connecting it to an existing data center.
  • Creating

    Thanks to Microsoft Azure, you can easily create a company website without having to invest in a specialized server infrastructure. A wide range of uses for the applications and their functionality allow for the professional creation and administration of a website.

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